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5th International Conference on Communication, Computing and Electronics Systems

ICCCES -2025

28-30 April, 2025
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Key Dates

Full Paper Submission Deadline: 20 January, 2025
Acceptance Notification: 22 February, 2025
Registration Deadline: 26 March, 2025
Conference Date: 28-30 April, 2025

About The Conference

According to recent reports, it is evident that the state-of-the-art innovations in electronic systems, computing, and communication are interconnected with each other to deploy various smart and automated applications into existence. The intelligent technological incorporation includes embedded systems, multimedia information, artificial intelligence, E - commerce and computer cybersecurity. The challenges faced by many industries like transportation, healthcare, energy, buildings, defense, informatics, and agriculture have been resolved by the recent technologies involved in the electronics, computing, and communication systems. The demonstration of various smart electronic systems, computing, and communication technologies helps to address issues like decision making, problem-solving, energy reservation, and efficiency. The convergence of computing communication and electronic systems produce the latest trends and technology in the Information and Communication Technology [ICT] research field.Therefore this International Conference on Communication, Computing and Electronics Systems (ICCCES) will encourage the researchers to enhance their research knowledge in computational intelligence and incorporate the intelligent communication models into existence. This conference focuses mainly on the research trends in cloud computing, mobile computing, artificial intelligence and advanced electronics systems. The proceeding of the conference will collect the state-of-the-art research works in almost all the areas of automation, VLSI, embedded systems, optical communication, RF communication, microwave engineering, artificial intelligence, deep learning, pattern recognition, communication networks, Internet of Things [IoT], Cyber-Physical Systems [CPS], and healthcare informatics. This conference encourages the researchers to submit research works in almost all the areas of Computing, Communication, and Electronics Systems.

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Travel Grant

Travel grants will be provided to selected outstanding research works, specifically to IEEE student members.